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Building the founda​tion for


Clinical Behavior Analysis Services

We will always go the extra mile to provide our clients with excellence.

In-Home Therapy​

Home is where the foundation is built. 

Parent Support

Parental participation is key to successful ABA therapy. 

Social Skills Group

Social skills group creates an environment to practice and to generalize social skills.

School Services

Many children need behavioral support in school settings to be able to perform academically. 

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Many of our clients receive a variety of therapies aside from ABA therapy. We must collaborate.


Transition Planning

Plan and prepare your child for major developmental transitions.



Community Integration

The park, grocery store, mall, bank, and restaurants are just a few places we often go to.


Vocational Training

Adulthood is not so far from the future for your child. 

Important Skill Sets

Most sets of skills are complex, incorporating many steps that might seem impossible to teach. As a result, each skill set is individualized to your child by breaking it into small pieces that are adequate for acquisition.

Language and Communication

Language development is targeted in a way that is functional to the child. Requesting wants and needs, verbal comprehension and reasoning, and advanced concept formation such as perspective-taking, to name a few.

Play, Leisure and Social Skills

Social skills programs teach how to play independently, identify interests and hobbies, engage in pretend play, increase social awareness and empathy, teach conversation skills, and cooperative play and work.

Social Emotional Skills

Social emotional skills focuses on emotional flexibility, awareness of emotions and physical sensations, identifying triggers for negative emotions and self-regulation, and identifying life values that lead to appropriate decision making.

Living and Vocational Skills

Targeted skills consist of personal hygiene, domestic, safety, health, and vocational skills. These critical skills are taught with the goal of adulthood independent living in mind and to develop essential life skills and quality of life.

Academic Skills

Development of studying skills to organize and manage academic information for better comprehension. In addition to targeting reading, writing, and math until your child is fluent in each area.

About Us

"We provide ABA Therapy for children with special needs. Our mission is to help each family have the fulfilling life they deserve. Along with our goal of providing quality services, we promise quality, trust, and community at our core. Our staff is passionate about what they do, we provide the right person for every client as well as a program that fits their needs. We want each family and individual in our care to be happy and satisfied so they can work towards a better future."

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Committed to High-Quality Standards

Service Delivery, Clinical Documentation and Coordination of Care​

Consistent service delivery is key to see progress in your child. Maintaining high standards for data collection, documentation, and team communication ensures appropriate and correct decision-making regarding your child's program.

Behaviorist Trainings and Consultations

One of Cornerstone's key qualities is the consistent training and supervision for providers. We are dedicated in providing the latest cutting-edge tools that are evidence-based to contribute to their professional growth. 

Ethical, Integrity and Professionalism

Cornerstone fosters an environment that promotes trust and honesty among our providers; where obligations and commitments are followed through with high-quality work. Each provider's professional competence is maintained and developed through scientific knowledge.



For any other insurances not listed below, contact for eligibility.

Private Pay

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